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Core classes

Standard classes included: Barbarian, fighter, rogue.

At 6th level these classes additionally gain the special class ability that normally comes at level 7 (DR 1/–, armor training 2, sneak attack +4d6 respectively)

Rogue’s major magic talent is heavily limited to some divinations and effects that are relatively nonobvious.


APG Variant classes included: Acrobat (rogue)


Ranger: no spell-casting, but can pick a single class skill that receives a bonus equal to 1/2 class level. At level 6 gains additional Swift Tracker ability.

New classes

Concocter: A concocter blends materials into amazing alchemical and sometimes magical substances.
Diplomat: With the right word, a diplomat can turn the attentions of others.
Leader: Leaders inspire love, admiration, and fear to great effect.
Scholar: Scholars understand that there is no power greater than knowledge.
Thaumaturge: Through study or inspiration, thaumaturges can weave the world itself.
Tinker: A little of this, a little of that, and a fine sense of knowing when to run like hell, that's the tinker.